Welcome to Thielenhaus Microfinish

As a provider of customized MICROFINISH / Superfinish solutions for top global players as well as small and medium enterprises, Thielenhaus Microfinish is known for high-tech, market-leading products.

Microfinish Machines & Services from an experienced provider

Our portfolio includes customized microfinish machine-tools, attachments and tools for high-precision finishing and -shaping of a large variety of components and surface types. With over 60 years experience in developing microfinishing solutions for various industries we belong to the pioneers of microfinish technology. 

Thielenhaus Lohnbearbeitung

For small lot sizes, professional motorsport, prototypes, etc., Thielenhaus offers flexible subcontracting options.

Thielenhaus Service

Thielenhaus provides machine inspection and maintenance services, machine refurbishment, spare parts, training as well as tools and oil. For more information please click here.