Double disc grinding machines V Series from Thielenhaus-NISSEI

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For several decades, Thielenhaus has acted as the North American sales partner for the Japanese double-disc grinding expert NISSEI. Since 2015, Thielenhaus has also become NISSEI's sales partner for Europe.

NISSEI has successfully sold several hundred double disc grinding machines worldwide and in all manufacturing sectors, and counts among the global leaders in this technology.

NISSEI's highly effective "V" machine series with vertically arranged spindles offers a variety of double disc grinding options. Manufacturers can grind mass produced flat parts using the plunge-cut, throughfeed or oscillation methods. A uniquely compact and stiff machine design ensures high precision, all while providing for excellent cycle times.


Double-disc grinding machining area with superior accessibility

  • Double-disc grinding wheels
  • Double disc grinding tool sharpening unit
  • Double disc grinding Thielenhaus-NISSEI
  • Double disc grinding machining area

Double disc grinding with Thielenhaus-NISSEI: precise and reliable flat grinding

Double disc grinding machine NISSEI Thielenhaus

The vertical grinding machine series offers:

  • Throughfeed & Plunge-cut machining with various grinding methods
  • Superabrasive-Technology
  • Stiff machine body with box frame design for high stock removal
  • Frequency-controlled grinding spindles with central quill feeding system
  • Swiveling transport disc carrier for quick tool change and easy access to machining area 

Sample vertically machined flat parts

  • Double disc grinding ball parking
  • Double disc grinding beam sensor
  • Double disc grinding brake disc
  • Double disc grinding valve plate
  • Double disc grinding washer

Double Disc Grinding Machining Principle

Throughfeed method with rotary carrier or linear system

  • Doppelseitenschleifen
  • Doppelseitenschleifen Durchlaufverfahren

Plunge cut with rotation / oscillation

  • Abbildung Einstechschleifen mit Rotation / Oszillation
  • Abbildung Einstechschleifen mit Rotation / Oszillation 2

Double Disc Grinder Thielenhaus-Nissei

Doppelseitenschleifen NISSEI-THIELENHAUS Broschüre


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