Highest precision is the prerequisite for better performance, availability, longer service life and economy with regards to energy and raw materials. The optimized surface quality and geometric form tolerances improve the performance of many industrial components.


Automotive Microfinish

Thielenhaus is an expert in finishing, grinding and honing a variety of car and truck parts, including camshafts, crankshafts, drive shafts, fuel-injection components, steering racks, brake discs, sun gears and many other components.

Ball and Roller bearing microfinish / polish

Our successful BearingStar and SF series provide top-quality finishing for inner and outer bearing races as well as rolling elements.

Hydraulics / Pneumatics Microfinish

Our machines enable economic finishing of ball valves, sealing seats, pump rotors and covers, and dozens of other Hydraulic / Pneumatic components to provide maximum load and pure-metallic sealing capacity.

Medical Technology Microfinish

We optimize ceramic and metallic surfaces as well as geometric shape of endoprosthetic hip- and shoulder joints to reduce wear and increase weight-carrying capacity.

For more surface-finishing solutions for sound design, cosmetic improvement, precious metal coating, etc., please click here.