Other Applications

Thielenhaus also takes on challenges from customers whose demands for unorthodox specific characteristics cannot be met by standardized applications. These challenges need not be limited to microfinish/superfinish alone. The knowledge gained helps the customer to solve their problem and at the same time it helps us with our own development. If you don’t go forwards you go backwards.

Thus your challenge to us might be:

  • Optimizing the noise behavior of an oscillating smear head for a razor
  • Improving the surface on a high-end glass perfume bottle in order to reduce the gold foil thickness
  • Reduce leakage for an inner sealing cone with 3 mm diameter by achieving 0.1 µm roundness deviation
  • etc.

Special Parts Finishing




Adapter plates

< 1,0 µm

Rz < 0,7 µm

Washer discs

< 0,8 µm

Rz < 1,0 µm

Valve seats

< 0,2 µm

Rz < 0,5 µm


< 0,7 µm

Rz < 1,2 µm

Spring retainers

< 0,7 µm

Rz < 1,0 µm