Microfinish: Technology & Solutions


By working with our customers we have succeeded in finding high-quality and cost effective surface solutions for a variety of industries and surface types.

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MICROFINISH / Superfinish: Technology and Benefits

The MICROFINISH process, also known as Superfinish, is a metalworking process for improving the surface and geometric form of components, with a precision of up to 0.1 Microns (0.0001 mm).

The MICROFINISH process employs special finishing stones, finishing tape or cup wheels for extremely precise and controlled removal of material. Light pressure is applied to the component surface across a relatively large contact area, serving to remove the brittle, amorphic layer resulting out of previous processes, such as grinding. Tools and components are arranged in a specific fashion and subsequently rotated at several 1000 rpm in opposite directions. Depending on the objective the tool or the component may additionally be made to oscillate. Cooling solution serves to dissipate process heat so that no amount of undesired material deformation takes place. Factors that vary depending on component and objective include contact pressure, rotation speed, tool grainsize and a number of others. 

Extreme Precision: how large is a Micron (µm)