Combined Finishing, Grinding and Honing for Gear Wheels and other Components

In 2012, Thielenhaus introduced the first machine-tool combining the finishing, grinding and honing processes. Since then we have expanded our combined-machining options:

  • Flat finishing
  • Internal grinding
  • Taper grinding
  • Honing
  • Reaming
  • Brush-deburring (now also available with HyperMotion)


Advantages of Process Combination 

  • Reduced costs: elimination of additional machinery and peripheral equipment via flexible back-to-back combination of processes on up to 11 stations on a single machine
  • Higher work piece qualities: tight tolerances due to machining in single chuck
  • Extremely productive: round-table concept enables parallel machining of multiple work pieces and cycle-time neutral loading / unloading


August 2014: Interview in Gear Technology featuring Thielenhaus and our partner Gehring >>Download (PDF)

September 2014: Internal Interview with Oliver Stammen, Sales Manager at Thielenhaus Technologies: >>Interview

Thielenhaus Machines for Process Combination


See for yourself! Watch the MicroStar FGH (Finishing, Grinding and Honing) in action below! 

Workpiece: gear wheel

For more information, please contact:

Oliver Stammen


+49 202 481 242