Tape finishing machines: high precision for shafts and cylindrical parts

Tape finishing is a commonly used technique for achieving high-precision surfaces on shafts, such as journals on cam-, crank- and balance shafts, as well as printing rollers, or rollers for roller bearings. It can be used to simply reduce surface roughness, or to addtionally improve cylindricity and fine-waviness. The abrasive finishing tape used as a tool is mass-produced and therefore relatively inexpensive. As a result, tape finishing is one of the most flexible and economic precision finishing processes. 


Our Tape Finishing Machine Platforms

  • Cube & PowerCube Superfinishmaschinen
  • CenterStar Superfinishmaschine
  • Kurbelwellen Superfinishmaschine

Tape finishing: how it works

Tape finishing concept

Tape finishing machines, also sometimes called belt-finishing machines, generally combine two motions: oscillation and rotation. In general, the abrasive tool (finishing tape) is made to oscillate on the component surface, while the component is rotated. If the component is heavy, it may be that the component is made to oscillate while the unit with the tool remains fixed.

In either case, the combination of motions generates the typical superfinish cross-hatch pattern. During the finishing operation, a small motor in the finishing unit or machine steadily pulls the tape, ensuring that the worn tape is constantly replaced with fresh tape. 

The resulting surface roughness depends largely on how fine the grain on the finishing tape is. A rougher tape generates a heavier stock removal while a finer tape may only remove a few microns. 

Finishing tape can also be used in combination with shoe systems to improve cylindricity and fine-waviness on components. Shoe systems consist of hard or soft shoes which enclose and thereby help to shape the component on a micron level.

Tape Finishing Machine Technology from Thielenhaus: use it to your advantage!

At Thielenhaus, we provide cutting edge tape finishing technology designed to meet the needs of a large variety of manufacturers. The Thielenhaus CenterStarCube and CrankStar machine platforms can all be equipped with high precision tape finishing units, which come in different formats. They can be mounted horizontally, vertically and on an NC-axis. 

Technology for more flexibility

A major advantage of our tape finishing machines is that process parameters such as oscillation frequency, tape feed rate, and oscillation stroke can be individually set for each finishing unit through the machine controls. This allows manufacturers to treat different surfaces on the same component differently and meet the respective surface roughness or geometric requirements. 

Technology for a more stable process

All our tape finishing machines can furthermore be equipped with various detection systems to maximize process stability, including tape feed, tape end and tape tear detection, as well as oscillation monitoring. This helps ensure that no unfinished part slips through.

Technology for quick tool changing

To ensure minimum tool changing times, we have devised side- and top-loading (cassette) systems which permit the operator to replace tape rolls entirely without tools. 


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