MicroStar - Flat Finish, Grinding and Honing

The MicroStar is Thielenhaus's machine platform for flat finishing and flexible process combinations, such as bore grinding, taper grinding, honing and deburring. MicroStars have excellent cycle times and include patented technologies that allow for extremely consistent results.


The MicroStar allows for highly productive finishing of the following components (among others):

  • Fuel injection needles & bodies
  • Sensors
  • Sealing seats
  • Drive train gears and housings
  • Etc.



MicroStar 200 Series

MicroStar 200 Series



  • Roundtable with up to 8 stations and machine column in center
  • Up to 7 Microfinish units for single or double-sided flat finishing
  • Loading / unloading of 1 or 2 parts parallel to main machining cycle


  • Excellent cycle times (as short as 6 seconds)
  • Optional double-loading for higher productivity
  • Reliable process due to patented force-control and tool-positioning technology (MicroSens, ToolSens, EasyTilt etc.).
  • Optional gauging and / or flip-over stations
  • Uniform temperature balance throughout working area
  • Easy upgrade from 3 to 6 or 4 to 8 work piece spindles
  • Easy integration into production lines


>>Download MicroStar brochure (PDF)

MicroStar 300 Series

MicroStar 300


The highly flexible MicroStar 300 Series is ideal for superfinish of flat or spherical surfaces, from individual components up to medium sized batches. The MicroStar 300 is perfect for prototyping and prototype manufacturing, as well as for developing mass production processes for roundtable machine. The modular design allows the machining of a large variety of parts. 


Workpiece Diameter: max. 500 mm

Tool Spindles: max. 3, 1-10.000 rpm (optional up to 60.000 rpm)

Work Piece Spindles: 1, 1-2.000 rpm, (optional 90-degree tilt capability)


  • Precision machining of flat or spherical component surfaces, from single parts up to medium sized batches
  • Modular design allows up to three different processes in single clamping
  • Very stable and reliable process due to patented technology for sensing contact pressure and tool positioning (MicroSens, ToolSens, etc.)
  • In-, pre- or post process gauging
  • Automatic tool wear compensation
  • Excellent accessibility


>>Download MicroStar brochure (PDF)

Patented Microfinishing Technology for Optimum Safety and Results


MicroSens technology is a leap forward in ensuring consistency during superfinishing. Machines with MicroSens employ sensors in tool spindles to detect first contact with component surfaces and subsequently regulate pressure to achieve consistent results from one workpiece to the next. The technology not only helps prevent malfunction or damage resulting from operator error but also reduces tool change-over times.


ToolSens similarly serves to ensure consistent results and enhance safety by regularly controlling the tool's position after a previously determined number of operations, or after tool change-over.


EasyTilt allows operators to quickly (re)position tool spindles after series- or tool change. With EasyTilt operators no longer have to adjust the tool spindles manually, thereby ensuring that steadiness of hands is no longer an issue.


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