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The CrankStar App - Crankshaft Superfinish in Augmented Reality


Discover Thielenhaus's new CrankStar Machine for MICROFINISH / Superfinish of Crankshafts!  App content can be viewed in English / German / Chinese / Russian.


1. Download and install CrankStar App.


2. Start the CrankStar App, choose language and discover contents!


3. Print out Augmented Reality "Marker" in Black & White or color (Marker Download: JPEG / MS Word) and place on a flat, stable surface, such as a table.




4. In the CrankStar App Menu select the button for "Machining area" (top left).




5. Point the device's camera so that the entire marker is visible on the device's screen. The machine will appear on top of the marker.