Due to the ever changing market requirements and processes, machines have to be constantly adapted to new workpieces.  Therefore, Thielenhaus Microfinish is specialized in the conversion and the retrofit of machines, as well as in partial and general overhauls; which can be carried out in our plant or at the customer’s facility.  In case of general overhauls, even very old machines are brought up to the latest state of the art technology and to the latest process and machining parameters.  To avoid a production standstill we offer rental machines and/or even the possibility to produce parts on a sub-contract basis.  

Refurbishments for Supfina Flat Finishing Machines 800 Series

Since the temporary take-over of the flat-finish division of Supfina Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG in 2008, Thielenhaus also offers refurbishments for the Supfina 807, 808, 811, 813, 814 series and customized versions thereof. Our service staff is happy to provide you with further information.

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