Spare Parts

Thielenhaus Microfinish keeps standard machine components in stock, either in the United States or Germany.  Spare parts that are ordered same day and in stock (in the U.S.) can be shipped out as late as 2:30pm.  A spare parts list is incorporated in the maintenance manual that is delivered with each machine.  To increase the machine reliability and to avoid downtime it is recommended that the spare parts be purchased from this list at the time of machine installation. 

Spare Parts for Supfina Flat Finishing Machines 800 Series

Since the temporary take-over of the flat-finish division of Supfina Grieshaber GmbH & Co. KG in 2008, Thielenhaus also offers all spare parts for the Supfina 807, 808, 811, 813, 814 series and customized versions thereof. Our service staff is happy to provide you with further information.



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