Superfinish Subcontracting for Small & Medium Production Series, Prototype Development

Superfinish subcontracting

In our subcontracting department we provide quick, flexible, high-quality microfinishing / superfinishing services.

We offer subcontract work for customers whose machines are undergoing overhauls, or for companies where the low or medium production volume does not justify investing in specialized machine-tool equipment. Our subcontracting department is also happy to work with manufacturers who are unfamiliar with the microfinishing process and wish to test it.

We offer subcontracting for the following component categories:

Improve surface and geometric parameters via Microfinish / Superfinish


  • Average roughness (Ra)
  • Ten point average roughness (Rz)
  • Bearing ratio (Tp)
  • Depth of surface valley retaining lubricant (Rvk)
  • Etc.


  • Flatness
  • Straightness
  • Roundness
  • Cylindricity


  • Parallelism
  • Perpendicularity
  • Angularity


  • Profile of a line
  • Profile of a surface


  • Runout
  • Total runout

Not all parameters are listed. If your desired parameter is missing, please ask! Tel: +1 248 347 1628 (USA) or +49 202 481 345 (Germany)

Microfinish Service: we offer top quality, fast service and flexibility

  • Tapefinishing operation on pump shaft
  • Measuring of microfinished cam surface
  • Thielenhaus Germany measuring laboratory
  • Microfinishing expertise at Thielenhaus Novi, Michigan
  • Free consultation from our experts

Quality: as a globally established leading supplier of microfinish / superfinish solutions with ISO 9001 certification, we pride ourselves on delivering top results. Our experts have access to over 60 years of experience and our own internally developed technology, reknown among precision manufacturers across the world.

We also benefit from top-notch measuring equipment with which we are able to verify your precision results, whether they are related to surface roughness, bearing ratio, roundness, flatness, convexity, etc.

Flexibility: our locations in the U.S., Germany and to a lesser extent Switzerland have a machine park and department specialized in subcontracting, and are therefore able to accept requests at all times. We machine small as well as medium production series, from a few dozen to several thousand parts per month. If you provide us with advance notice, we can accomodate very short delivery times (reception, machining and returning of parts all in the same day) via our Express-Service

Confidentiality: all parts are machined in-house and by our own employees. We place top priority on treating customer information confidentially.

SUPERFINISH Technical Surfaces

For racing teams and manufacturers of high performance engines and powertrain components Thielenhaus offers SUPERFINISH Technical Surfaces - a simple, fast and convenient subcontracting service where we maximize your horsepower by providing your components with ideal form and geometry.

Via our technology, component surfaces are optimized to reduce friction between moving parts to a minimum, thereby achieving maximum performance. Components that can be superfinished  for racing include camshafts, crankshafts, fuel-injection parts, brake discs and many others.

Thielenhaus has more than 10 years experience doing subcontracting work for racing teams in NASCAR, Formula 1 etc. 


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Germany - Europe

Alexander Wingert - Head of Subcontracting / Manager SUPERFINISH Technical Surfaces
+49 202 481 291


Karl Dörig - Sales Manager Superfinish Attachments & Subcontracting
+41 (0)52 376 26 20

North America

David Schrader - Test & Subcontracting Manager
+1 248 347 1628