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If you want to see the newest microfinishing technologies, you have come to the right place!

We have more than 70 years experience in the Microfinish-process as well as more than 100 years experience in building machine-tools. In developing our products we always consider and integrate current production technologies as well as the different manufacturing environments around the world. In the process we come up with amazing new products such as HyperFinish and the MicroStar FGH. Close cooperation with proven suppliers as well as the employment of a ISO 9001 Quality Management System help us to achieve top quality.


Our Microfinish Machine platforms:

MicroStar Series
BearingStar Series
CenterStar Series
CUBE Baureihe
SF 125 machine for roller bearings
EndoStar Baureihe

Finding the right Microfinish Machine for your machining task

Thielenhaus offers a number of Microfinish machining platforms (listed above), optimized over the course of many projects and through extensive cooperation with our customers. Each platform is specialized in microfinishing a specific geometric shape, such as shafts, spheres or flat surfaces. In the process of building and delivering more than 4000 machines, these platforms have evolved to a point where 90% of applications are covered. 

Our Microfinish solutions are compatible with nearly all loading / unloading technology

Regardless of whether you use manual, gantry, pick & place, robots or other loading technology, we ensure a hassle-free integration into your production line. 

The search for the right Microfinish-Machine for your Workpiece begins with your inquiry, which should include

  1. Drawing(s) of your component(s)
  2. Your desired quality and tolerances (roughness, evenness, parallelism etc.)
  3. Your incoming quality and tolerances (roughness, evenness, parallelism etc.)

As soon as we have your complete information, we can provide you with an estimate. All your information will be kept strictly confidential.

In some cases we may require sample parts. The microfinish process is determined by the shape of the component as well as your required quality and cycle time. Other aspects such as flushing liquid and tool requirements also play a role.


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Brazil and South America

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Microfinish for flat surfaces

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Microfinish for shafts and cylindrical components

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Microfinish for bearings

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Double disc grinding

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Other applications

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Microfinish Machine Prices

Due to the large number of applications and requirements, pricing for microfinish machinery can vary significantly. An important aspect is the desired productivity. With the Thielenhaus MicroStar platform, for instance, customers can machine several million parts per year (with no bad parts) and thereby minimize costs-per-part.

For small operations with limited production, we offer stand-alone Microfinish units which can be mounted on lathes. Alternatively, these customers can make use our fast and easy Microfinish subcontracting services.

Microfinish Machines after purchase

Our machines benefit from a very long lifespan - with proper machine care, they can deliver excellent results for more than 30 years. Due to modular design, they also benefit from a high reusability. In many cases, we can adapt your machine to new tasks by simply exchanging or adding machining units.

The operating cost for Microfinish machinery differs from platform to platform. Microfinish Tools are an important cost driver. The required tool type and quantity depends on your component material, flushing oil, cycle time and quality requirements.

Energy consumption of Microfinish machines is low in comparison to other chip generating machining processes, due to the fact that the tool pressure is minimal. Depending on your energy costs or your environmental or energy-management related goals, however, you may wish to consider our GreenLine options. Thielenhaus GreenLine options include a variety of hardware and software solutions, such as low-air spindles and stand-by software, that offer manufacturers the ability to monitor or reduce energy consumption at an attractive ROI. Ask your Thielenhaus sales rep for more information!