Superfinish Attachments: Tape Finishers & Stone Finishers

Thielenhaus offers attachments for microfinishing or superfinishing. With our attachments you can use your existing machines (e.g. lathes or grinding machines) for machining single parts, small batches, or prototypes, all while achieving high quality surfaces and improvements on geometry of (for example) gear shafts, cylinders and piston rods.


Microfinish attachments can either be integrated into the machine control or equipped with a distinct control

Should you have no machine available, we offer a lean microfinishing system in which standard attachments as well as custom made machining units can be integrated. This machine platform can be used both for single piece productions and small batches, as well as fully automated series production.

We are happy to provide guidance regarding microfinish tools and all necessary consumables. These can also be purchased directly from us.

We offer diverse contact rollers, finishing tape and honing stone types with which you can finish a variety of components and surfaces.

Our tape finishing units incorporate 100% Thielenhaus technology, based on many decades of high precision tape finishing experience. Our portfolio of units includes simple attachments which can be mounted on lathes in small workshops as well as large, heavy-duty units for mass-manufacturing. 

Tape finishing units can be individually programmed in terms of oscillation frequency, tape feed rate, and oscillation stroke. They can be equipped with various detection systems including tape feed and tape tear detection. They can be fixed vertically or horizontally, and can be placed on NC axes. 

If you cannot find the type of unit you require below, contact us!

Sphero Mini

The latest precision solution of Thielenhaus for processing concave and convex surfaces.


2016 Product Flyer (PDF)

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SL50 Flyer

SL50 Tape Finishing / Superfinishing Attachment

Robust finishing attachment with 50mm pressure rollers and belt loading. 


2015 Product Flyer (PDF)

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KG50 Superfinish Innovation Flyer

KG50 Tape finisher / Superfinish Attachment

Tape finisher with "casette" style loading, can be mounted vertically as well, with 50 mm wide contact rollers. Narrower than the SL50 and therefore more suitable for compact machining spaces.


2015 Product Flyer (PDF)

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KG50-100M Bandfinishgerät Superfinish Innovation Flyer

KG50-100M Tape finisher / Superfinish Attachment

Tape-finishing attachment with "casette"-style loading, can be mounted vertically, with 50 mm wide contact rollers and extra finishing tape capacity (up to 100 meters). 


2015 Product Flyer (PDF)

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KG50-DB Bandfinishgerät Superfinish Innovation Flyer

KG50-DB Tape Finisher / Superfinish Attachment

Tape finisher with 2 separately controlled tape finishing systems for finishing adjacent surfaces of different diameter. "Cassette"-style loading of fresh tape with 2x 50 mm wide contact rollers. Ideal for finishing camshafts.


2015 Product Flyer (PDF)

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KG100 Bandfinishgerät Superfinish Innovation Flyer

KG100 Tape finishing / Superfinish Attachment

Tape finishing unit with "cassette" style loading and 100 mm wide contact rollers for finishing larger components. Can be mounted vertically.


2015 Product Flyer (PDF)

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