BearingStar - Flexible Superfinish of Roller- and Ball-Bearing Raceways on one Machine

BearingStar is the leading platform for Microfinish/Superfinish of roller- and ball-bearing races. Four machine sizes cover the entire spectrum of rings, from 10 mm to 1,600 mm diameter. 

  • Bearing raceway superfinishing
  • Bearing ring finishing
  • Tapered roller bearing superfinishing
  • Superfinished bearings
  • Bearing ring Superfinish
  • four point contact bearing superfinish

 BearingStar Advantages


  • Enhanced productivity and precision through innovative, high-performance finishing
  • Flexible employment and arrangement of oscillating tool-units, allowing quick change-over from for example roller-bearing to ball-bearing races 
  • Fast tool-change via due to computer programm assistance and tool visualization on the operating panel monitor.
  • Online-Service and E-Manual integrated in the machine control-system. 

Up to 35% shorter machining times with HyperFinish

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As of now raceways can be superfinished with HyperFinish technology. This technology uses a direct-drive oscillation superimposed by an additional high-frequency oscillation. The HyperFinish oscillation enables manufacturers to achieve excellent roundness and cross-profiles for raceways, while radically reducing machining time by up to 35%. The direct drive technology also enables the operator to precisely program oscillation stroke, angle and frequency, thereby shortening change-over times.


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BearingStar Prospekt


BearingStar Product Catalog (PDF)

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BearingStar Direct Drive with HyperMotion

BearingStar Direct Drive with HyperFinish Product Flyer (PDF)

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  • BearingStar Machining Area
  • BearingStar Direct Drive


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