Through-feed Superfinish for Pump Pistons, Shock Absorber Rods & More!

The SF125 is the Thielenhaus machining platform for precision through-feed machining. This platform is designed for centerless superfinish of mass-produced precision parts such as shock absorber rods, pump pistons and other hydraulic or pneumatic pistons.

Throughfeed finishing for high precision applications

  • Throughfeed machining for small rollers via tape-finishing
  • Through-feed machining for shock absorber rods via stone-finshing
  • Loading unit for shock absorber rods
  • Loading of small rollers via hose
  • Modular design enables the integration of a flexible number of tape-finish or stone-finishing units
  • Each finishing unit can be equipped with a different type of abrasive tool to improve surface finish and geometry; process parameters such as tool feed, oscillation frequency and stroke can be individually set
  • Tilted hyperbolic rollers driven by servo motors ensure steady, precise feed of parts through machine
  • Oscillation is 100% mass-compensated with up to 1500 DHM
  • With stone-finishing units: tool wear is automatically compensated by tool-feed mechanism; worn stone can be replaced with fresh one in < 30 seconds
  • With tape-finishing units: continuous tape feed ensures constant fresh tool-supply; fast tape change via quick-release levers
  • The machine can be delivered with a variety of loading / unloading systems

Centreless Finishing

with stone and / or tape





2.0 µm

Ra ≤ 0.03 µm


1.5 µm

Ra ≤ 0.05 µm

Piston pins

2.0 µm

Ra ≤ 0.02 µm

Cylinder sleeves

1.0 µm

Ra ≤ 0.02 µm